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Ptolemy Elrington - Hub Cap Creatures

All around us are things of beauty and value, but their attributes are interpreted very subjectively. I believe that things utilitarian, or which give pleasure to the eye have the highest value. I come across many things which have been abandoned and find something more in them than their intrinsic worthlessness.

Hubcaps, for instance. Aesthetic in purpose but ultimately of very little use. They’re automatically rubbish when on the side of the road, but with a little effort and imagination I transform them into something which gives people a great deal more pleasure.

My sculptures try to say things about our wasteful society and about our prejudices towards value. Hopefully they will encourage people to reconsider before they discard something which apparently has no purpose.

'Braintree Birds' was commissioned to decorate the approach road for a new recycling centre in Braintree, Essex. The birds were made from material reclaimed from the site.

'Chickens' was a private commission and made from old, found hubcaps

'Husky' was a private commission for a husky breeder and was made from found hubcaps.

'Scrap Bird' was a sculpture made from old car parts and was sold through Sothebys to a client in the USA.

'Water Vole' was part of a selection of sculptures of British wildlife commissioned by Anglian Water to encourage participation in voluntary local clean-ups under the banner name 'Rivercare'. The sculptures were all made from old reclaimed shopping trolleys.


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Ptolemy Elrington





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