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How can you reduce the amount of Junk Mail you receive through your letterbox?

Want to drastically reduce the number of 'junk mail' items coming through your door? Apart from being pretty annoying the amount of paper required and time to then recycled these flyers, leaflets and pamphlets over again is ridiculous.

You could always stick a sign up on your door regarding 'no junk mail' or not free papers' etc. and many people do do this, but to try and stop actual generic addressed mail coming through your letterbox is a different matter, Royal Mail is legally obliged to deliver all addressed mail including items such as 'to the occupier' or 'to the home owner'.

But there are ways to stop this! - There are 2 main ways to go about stopping most of the generic mail that comes through your letterbox such as 'to the occupier' or 'to the home owner'...

Firstly, register with Royal Mail's Opt Out scheme at: HERE

Secondly register with MPS - the Mail Preference Service at: HERE 

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