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A flood of kindness

(March 2014) A volunteer army is being assembled to tackle storm debris on UK beaches, just one of the measures to sort and recycle the rubbish left in the wake of recent bad weather.

Heart On Your Sleeve

(February 2014) The modern age has been described as a ‘story of stuff’. A treadmill of frenzied acquisition in which the buzz we get from buying never quite satisfies, urging us onwards still in a depressing narrative of accumulation. For many of us, this is particularly evident in our wardrobes: the stuff we buy ostensibly to keep us covered and warm, but which in reality is about so much more.

Green Shoots

(January 2014) When mum-of-two Anna Pitt found herself being asked for the recycling tips she practiced with her family, she decided to gather together her snippets of recycling and eco living advice and realise a lifelong ambition of writing a book. 

Charity to Boot

(December 2013) Even if we are trying to live less materialistic and consumerist lifestyles, few people are immune to feeling a rush of warmth and excitement when they see a brightly wrapped Christmas present.

But imagine you had never experienced that feeling. Imagine you didn’t feel any of those reactions because you didn’t know the meaning of a gift; you had never been on the receiving end of that most simple of human pleasures: giving.

Use Your Loaf

(November 2013) The average UK household throws away the equivalent of six meals every week, costing us £12.5 billion a year as a nation, or almost £60 a month to the average family, despite a significant drive to reduce food waste a new report reveals.

Salvaging Army

(October 2013) A trip to Tanzania, where there is much less of the “stuff” most of us are used to being surrounded by, made journalist Lucy Purdy rethink the value of the resource we know as ‘rubbish’.

Built to Last

(September 2013) Thriftiness may not have the most glamorous of reputations, but a new festival taking place this week promises to find the fun in sustainable living by encouraging reuse and recycling.

Bus-sized ‘fatberg’ draws attention to recycling

(August 2013) When Britain’s biggest ever ‘fatberg’ was removed from a sewer beneath London this summer, it highlighted the consequences which can stem from us washing things down our drains which we shouldn’t.

Supper with substance

(July 2013) FoodCycle is an award-winning charity that combines volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen space to conjure up nutritious and delicious meals for those at risk of food poverty and social isolation.

Eco Tech Show - Exhibitors Spotlight

(June 2013) Hubcap creatures and dresses made from bubble wrap and cardboard among the attractions at the Brighton Eco Technology Show

Bin it off

(May 2013) A recent survey revealed that just half of UK students are committed recyclers – but across the country, progress is being made.

In the bag!

(April 2013) What happens to the 15 million sacks of textiles that get dropped off at UK charity shops

The Waste House

(March 2013) Focus On... the building of a house made completely out of waste in Brighton

The Forgotten Rubbish

(Feb 2013) Focus On... Food waste and what happens to it