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‘Ugly’ fruit and veg destined for the bin become internet sensation   

Jordan Figueiredo is trying to bring attention to food waste at farm level. Image:

A drive to draw attention to ‘ugly’ fruit and veg has taken social media by storm since launching six months ago.  

Misshapen and wonky pieces of produce are shared by the @UglyFruitAndVeg account on Twitter, generating a global wave of support from those keen to banish food waste.

The account was founded by Jordan Figueiredo in December and bears the tagline: “Preventing food waste is truly THE low hanging fruit.....or veg.”

Figueiredo, has a job, runs the project in his spare time, calling it his “passion volunteer work”. He told that support from the likes of celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Alice Waters has helped bring into the mainstream debates around food being wasted on account of its appearance.

“The reason I started it was because a lot of attention is on food waste at home but the waste on farms and up supply chains is a larger portion. I started @UglyFruitAndVeg to draw attention to the issue by having fun with these beautiful and funny produce images. 

Jordan Figueiredo's Twitter account @UglyFruitAndVeg has exploded with funny images. Image:

“The images are all of produce that would be considered ‘ugly’ and unsellable by most supermarkets and so does 20-40 per cent of all produce. And the reasons they are turned away are pretty ridiculous in most cases. They are looking for perfect colour distribution, certain sizes (not too big or too small) and certain shapes – even the curvature of bananas can be an issue.”

As well as celebrity support, more than 30 articles mentioning the campaign have been published in the past three months, and it attracts between 50 and 100 new Twitter followers each day.

Cosmetically unappealing fruit and veg seems to prove ripe inspiration for would-be comics too, with fans’ photos often accompanies by funny captions.

“We have 12,700 in total who have retweeted and favourited more than 40,000 times leading to 28,000,000 impressions,” said Figueiredo.

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By Lucy

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