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Recycling takes centre stage in gardening hacks 

Ideas for recycling in your garden have been collated in a blog. Image: Lucy Purdy

Blog takes a look at the ways recycling can be used to make gardening cheaper and more enjoyable, by repurposing household waste outside. 

You may know about repurposing toilet roll tubes as mini biodegradable seedling pots but did you know it was possible to plant the top of a pineapple to grow another? 

Workwear company Dickies Stores has compiled a list of 30 gardening ‘hacks’ which help create lush outdoor spaces from everyday kitchen waste.

It includes a tip to plant rose cuttings using potatoes as a base to stick the stem into – keeping the plant moist – and also recommends growing basil from cuttings by letting the roots grow in a glass of water. Mushrooms can be grown from used coffee grounds, as long as they have been sterilised.

Cutting the top of used plastic bottles can create perfectly useable mini plant greenhouses which allow the sun in yet protect vulnerable seedlings from slugs. Had a picnic? Animals can be deterred from your garden by placing plastic forks upright in the soil. 

Mushrooms being grown in recycled coffee grounds. Image: GroCycle

Old tyres painted in bright colours can be stacked and used as flower pots. The rubber will retain the heat of the sun and help boost plant growth. And unwanted colanders can make great hanging baskets – complete with readymade drainage holes.

Mark Tapper, general manager of Dickies Store, said: “For sustainable ways to maintain your garden, the simple route is best. By reusing items found in your kitchen, you can achieve lush outdoor surroundings in your own back yard. It is important to recycle whenever possible, and these hacks are a great way to create something beautiful from your household waste.”

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By Lucy

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