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From drinks cans to sunscreen bottles: summer recycling tips

Recycling this Summer? - Recycle for Wales is helping with their list of tips. Image: Every Can Counts

Recycle for Wales has devised a list of tips for recycling things we are likely to find on our hands at this time of year.

Whether you’ve jetted off to far-flung shores or enjoying the rays in your back garden, sun cream bottles can stack up. The empties can be placed in your ordinary recycling collection, as most local authorities include these as a standard material. 

 “Rinse them out, remove the lids or spray triggers and flatten them before putting them in the recycling container,” reads the advice.

 The same goes for plastic bottles, which pile up during the warmer weather.

 And what of drinks cans?

“Steel and aluminium cans are some of the most widely recycled items in the world as the materials are endlessly recyclable,” reads the post.

“Look out for recycling bins when you are out and about, most will accept tins and cans.”

Plastic ice cream tubs can be disposed of responsibly or re-used in the home. Put them to good use storing nails, screws, spare light bulbs or seeds, or place leftovers in them to freeze.

With the UK’s summers being notoriously unreliable, many people opt for disposable barbecues rather than shelling out for static, permanent ones.

“We don’t want to be killjoys and say that you should really buy a reusable barbecue (although, they don’t have to be all that expensive) but remember to dispose of your single use barbecue responsibly,” reads the Recycle for Wales advice.

“It is worth checking with your local authority whether they accept disposable barbecues for recycling but it is quite likely that they will not. At home – make sure that the barbecue is out and cooled down before putting in your general waste, perhaps dowse with water or leave overnight before putting it in.”

By Lucy

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