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Company creates first recycled cornstarch cutlery using 90% less carbon 

A plastic that uses 90% less carbon to make and is 100% compostable. Photo: Vegware.

Vegware, the ‘completely compostable’ packaging firm, has created the first ever cutlery made from recycled cornstarch. The new recycled material, which Vegware are calling RCPLA, has 90 per cent less embodied carbon than the PS plastic standard plastic cutlery is made of, and 72 per cent less carbon than new PLA cornstarch. .

The new cutlery is still certified compostable, suitable for food waste recycling. 

Joe Frankel, MD and founder of Vegware, said: “I saw wastage from one of our manufacturing processes, and wondered how we could use that material to create something useful. After two years of development, we now have fantastic new cutlery which looks great, and is sturdy and strong. 

“Best of all, our RCPLA cutlery uses a recycled material, and is certified compostable after use.”

The new cutlery is high heat resistant, withstanding temperatures of up to 85°C. Like all Vegware, the new RCPLA cutlery is certified compostable, so it can simply go in the food waste bin under use. Vegware’s non-profit initiative The Food Waste Network is a free service matchmaking any UK business with local food waste collections and promoting zero waste.

What is RCPLA?

 • PLA (polylactic acid) = clear cornstarch bioplastic. Used for cold cups, windows and hot cup linings

 • CPLA (crystallised polylactic acid) = opaque crystallised PLA, strengthened for hot use. Used for hot cup and coup container lids

 • RCPLA (recycled crystallised polylactic acid) = recycled CPLA. Used to make Vegware’s new cutlery

By Lucy

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