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Football fans are urged to recycle their empties as football fever descends

Remember to recycle during the World Cup. Picture: WRAP

The World Cup is upon us, providing a month of high drama, glory and agonising penalty shoot-outs. And, say WRAP, it will also create a mountain of items just asking to be recycled.

Because many of the big games in Brazil will be televised during the prime-time evening slot in Europe, more people are expected to host World Cup parties and barbecues.

WRAP say that many of the items people will be producing are easily recyclable in normal recycling, whether collected from home or taken to recycling points in the area.

The England strip is made from an average of 18 recycled bottles each!

“It is amazing what recycled material can be turned into” said a spokesperson for WRAP. “Plastic drinks bottles can be turned into fleece jackets, park benches and for this World Cup, both the England national team’s home and away strips are made up from an average of 18 recycled bottles each. As for glass, recycled bottles can end up as new bottles and can be recycled again and again and be as good as new each time!

“All the UK newspapers carrying match reports are now made from 100% recycled papers and metal cans are 100% recyclable and can be back on the shelf within 60 days.

“So you can feel good about what you are doing off the pitch however well your team is performing on the pitch.””

By Lucy

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