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Bins made for chewing gum are also made from recycled gum

Once full gumdrop bins can be recycled into 3 new bins.

Sick of seeing those little white splodges dotted across the pavement, railway station, shopping centre or school? Well chewing gum can now be recycled.

The gumdrop bin has been developed, with creators saying it offers a closed loop recycling option which educates and inspires the public into giving gum a second life.

The bright pink, bubble-shaped bin is the first, they say, designed specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum. Chewers drop their gum into the bin which, when full, is sent back to Gumdrop Ltd where they are recycled into new bins and other products, from wellington boots to frisbees and mobile phone covers. 

Personalised versions of the gumdrop bins make recycling your chewing gum even easier

Once full, one gumdrop bin can be recycled to manufacture three new bins, which can then be distributed and kick start the cycle again.

The company has already teamed up with the likes of Virgin Trains, Legoland and BAA and founders say they reduce chewing gum little by an average of 46 per cent in the first 12 weeks of use.

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By Lucy

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