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Recycling reaches new heights: old Airbus jets recycled into giant light fixtures

Giant light made from recycled Airbus plane parts

Walls and windows from a recycled Airbus 300 make a stunning light. Picture: Benjamin Boccas

France-based designer Paul Coudamy turns the inner walls and windows of old Airbus 300 jets into giant light fixtures.

After having spent 20 years or so flying thousands of metres above the ground, liners at the end of their life-cycle are often left in a heap, rusting at the far end of airport runways. 

But designer Paul Coudamy has found a way of usefully repurposing parts of these hulking behemoths, turning them into striking light fixtures.

He said: “These marvels of engineering with their ultra functional curves resulting from uncompromising technical research, are diverted from their original function in order to be integrated in our daily lives, thus offering them a second life.”

Recycled light made from Airbus 300 jet plane

Inside out or back to front? The recycle Airbus turned into a light. Picture: Benjamin Boccas

The F-Light project uses the inner walls and windows of an Airbus 300. Its curves, windows and silvery insulation “recycle the vocabulary of aeronautics”, says Coudamy, transforming the structure into an unusual and functional light structure. 

The walls are fitted together to create a luminous ceiling, forming a shell when it is hung up. The system can be adjusted and offers unlimited variations: the panels can be put together in a row to suit the space in which it is being hung.

Coudamy said: “The windows lighting offers circles of light which stand out against the panels and diffuse the light on the whole surface. A second indirect lighting set on the structure is reflected by the original isolating silvery material and enhances the feeling of levitation.”

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By Lucy

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